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    Welcome to Bowes Insurance & Financial


    Bio provided by Profiles of Excellence

    As someone who has been involved in sports all his life, Craig Butterfield easily adopts a football analogy in describing the role Bowes Insurance and Financial plays for clients.


    Like a quarterback guiding the play, drawing on the talents and expertise of those around him as needed, Butterfield calls upon two decades of experience and an extensive local knowledge to provide the best investment, small business and insurance guidance.


    Raised in Victoria, this is Butterfield's home; he understands the community and how it does business.


    The connections Butterfield has forged also allow him to link his clients with other specialists, such as accountants or lawyers, who can be an integral part of their financial well-being. "We should all be on the same page, working together in the best interests of the client."


    When not at the office, Butterfield trains in Mixed Martial Arts and weight training, a passion pursued for more than 30 years, and he uses that expertise to mentor younger athletes. Outside the gym, he and his wife, Elise, enjoy a host of outdoor activities, from snowboarding to golf.


    A big believer in continued education that allows him to remain current and relevant, Butterfield's skills and training exceed all the requirements of the industry and licensing bodies. "Because Victoria is such a small town, if your business practices aren't exceptional, you will have a difficult time being successful."


    Joining Butterfield three years ago, associate Cindy Low is a licensed Independent Advisor. Also born and raised in Victoria, she graduated from UVic in 2006 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She has an extensive business background with years of experience in the financial industry.


    The two enjoy being truly independent in the products they're able to recommend and how they conduct their business. "For us, the only person we're loyal to is the client," Butterfield explains.


    "With over 20 years experience, Craig is a true Independent Advisor; a difference that has become unique in recent years. We've set ourselves up that way, so we can really provide the clients with what they need with no outside corporate influence," Low notes.


    As a small business owner himself, Butterfield is in a position to understand his clients' needs, whether in protecting their business interests or in estate and succession planning.


    And as a small business owner, he appreciates the value of a personal touch. With insurance companies, for example, "we're not afraid to go to the mat on our clients' behalf. We're directly involved with claims – we're hands-on and clients appreciate that."


    This boutique approach is important to both Butterfield and Low and intrinsic to the way they do business.

    Contact Details

    Bowes Insurance & Financial


    164 White Pine Road
    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V9B 5E1


    Toll-free: + 1 866 380 1835

    Local: + 1 250 380 1835

    Fax: + 1 250 380 1834